Are You Ready to Figure Shit Out?

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The FSO.agency offers services to help individuals & organizations break through to done

Solve a Problem

Problem-solving conversations are as powerful as the elements in helping you resolve issues and take action on career transitions, big life changes, creative pursuits, or the risks and fears that get in the way. Together we will:

  • Explore the question or issue you are facing
  • Get to the bottom of any sticking points
  • Create a plan for addressing it at a level that will make a positive difference
  • Learn the tools & tactics you need to make it happen
  • Build your confidence to take action

Get a Life

When you work hard and support other people, it is easy to lose track of who you are and what you want for your personal life and time. If it feel like your time to try something new, test out an idea, take a leap—and really learn from it—but you also want guidance & support along the way, join me to:

  • Explore what you really want and need
  • Pursue a tailor-made experience that transforms your thinking about what's possible
  • Get the support & resources you need to take inspired & effortless action
  • Dig deep into how the experience affected you, what you learned, and how it informs your next steps

Improve Your Team

Sometimes it takes an outsider to see where the sticking points in a situation are or where the possibilities for team and leadership development exist. I work with teams and decision-makers that can't seem to make progress:

  • Identify critical decision points
  • Get clear on what's at stake
  • Explore alternatives & tradeoffs
  • And help you or your team negotiate the barriers to moving forward so you can do your best work
Dr. Jessie VoigtsPublisher of Wandering Educators

The FSO.Agency is amazing! In just a few minutes, Stormy helped me resolve a block that has been stalling me from completing a book project for the past year. Now, I've got a clear path, and a map to get things done. I can't believe how, in one conversation, she changed everything for me. Highly recommended!

Are you ready to take the leap—position yourself for the job you've been dreaming about, tell the story you've been obssessing over, see if your new business idea has legs, or create a strategy for the conversation that could change everything (if only you could figure out what to do or say)?